#2020 is a miracle

2.06 million lost of life as of today (23012021)

Frankly, I don’t remember much of 2020. I waited for this year for so looong to live it. As a teenager, the year 2020 has quoted million times that it’s rooted in my brain. Essays after essays have been written to imagine how the whole world will look like in 2020.
Since then, I remember making many plans to make this year the most memorable one. 2020 has been worship as a dream year for 90’s kids. Thinking back, the so much effort of a dream becomes not so worth it.

Yet, I won’t talk bad about 2020. Although, we have lost 2.06 million of life as of today (23012021). OK, off the record, two million lost life is a bit scary to digest.
I deeply grieve the loss of few favorite people of mine including every single hero of the frontlines who had lost their precious life on this battleground. It’s hard to digest yet what else you can do except grief.

The fact is hard to digest.

Yet, if you put all that aside, 2020 is not all about bad things. It had taught us some valuable lessons that we would not have learned otherwise.
2020 has shown us heroes are living within us. They only showed up when circumstances push them out. All this while, we have been worshipping the fake ones that are shown on screens and books. Man-made heroes, we called them. The real one is has been living next door for years unidentified.

Life is precious. Family is important.
Career and social responsibility are far more important than a family.
Love and care to anyone from everyone.
The rest is vital to come back.
The survival is real.
Circumstances push out talents.
Social connection is necessary for mental health.
Personal space is not always wanted.
Handwork popped out like a mushroom.
Circumstances popped innovation.
Life slowed down to increase quality.
Change reaches its highness.
And, so much other goodness happens throughout 2020.

But, all that has swiped under the carpet toppled by pessimism. Things have been taken for granted forgotten to be embraced.

The foreign workers work restlessly throughout the years after years wherein they have been given only a day of rest throughout 365 days. Now, they got their much-deserved rest to reflect their life.

StayHome created the much-needed family bonds that shrunk the wide gaps.

Creative people have gotten extra time to cultivate their talent.
Books become attractive again, flooding from social media to hands.
Elders adopted technology and enjoying it like biscuits.
The virtual world is applied everywhere peanut butter.
Corporates adopted a new way of working and getting used to it.
Education is wide open like the galaxy.

The universe has changed like we found a new planet. Everything has been slowed down yet has been fastened out.

2020 is a miracle

tatta, (bubbye)


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