2019 a Review (Part 2)

Disclaimer: This drafted post been sitting in my bucket for quite a long time. I know it been a year past this. But, trust me, I will regret it if I don’t post it. I treat this blog as my life achieve and I would like to come back and look at it and be amazed at the things I have done and how far I have grown up. So, here I am posting it. Please excuse me for posting it now. 

This is my covered for the second half of the year. Some you would have read my first half. If you haven’t, please read it here


1|Major Hair Revamp

I always wanted to have a boy-cut hairstyle. Since I was suffering from a severe headache that hit me back after few years of non-existence, I have decided to chop off my hair. I didn’t hesitate the decision. Even the hairstylist asking me twice and thrice before chopping off. Seems like she couldn’t believe that I have made that decision to let go of the long wavy gold highlighted hair. I have made my mind to get rid of this and I did exactly that. As a result, I loved my lightweight short hair. Many questioned my decision. They accused me of not loving my long healthy hair. I said it’s just hair. They smiled. I smiled back.

2|Ilustration Course

This year I have decided to concentrate on digital artworks. So, I made a decision to take an illustration course. It’s a three months course with RM200 per month. I have decided to drop it halfway. I was highly dissatisfied with the teacher for her lack of commitment and always rescheduling the class. I should have come out clean with her on my reason. But I did not. As a result, she misinterprets me which costed a good relationship.  Anyhow, I picked up some digital knowledge from her. 


1|Malacca Trip

It’s is my birthday. I have decided to celebrate it. So, I took a 2 days one-night trip to Melaka. I walked all over the famous streets and almost all the shops in the populated area. I will go back again. I think I haven’t finished them yet. I booked a doom for RM40 per night. This is the first time I’m experiencing doom. I had an amazing chat with the hotel owner’s family while finishing off their #Rambutan they offered me.  At night, I took a bicycle ride with my junior girl (a native of Malacca) in search of Chinese food. We had long hours of chat past midnight. We don’t even realise the time. From campus to career to life, we covered most of the topic. She is a great junior. 

2|Festival Anak Muda

Participated at carnival  #FestivalAnakMuda organised by #MySelangor. Put all my commercial work for a public display. It’s my first time. The support was amazing. People get WOW’ed by my work. I made a lot of friends within the art community. Glad to have met up with some amazing talents. Got to know a little bit about the art world. Brought some art pieces from other artists. I did make some money tho. I love the feeling of people who liked my work. I got the chance to watch the #WayangKulit performance by local artists. It’s my first time too. The experience is magical. Forever will treasure this feeling.


1|A Ride to #BerjayaHills

Its been a while since I last visited this place and the Buddhist temple. So, I made a point to utilise the public holiday. This time I bought a friend. We spent a few hours up the hill admiring the wild nature. I would love to abandon cities to spend my life here alone with wild nature. There was an unused building in here. I wonder if they can turn it into Airbnb. I wish they do. We had good tasteful lunch at Bentong Chinese Village. You can get some locally cultivated Chinese traditional medicine-related items here like ginseng, ginger, vegetables, farm eggs, bananas, fruits, and so on. These products are the result of traditional farming without chemicals. I bought some fresh gingers that only cost me RM20 p/kg. After the full meal, we walked the streets and explores the houses here. I love to see how people build their life surrounded by survival. We are back home with a happy face. 

2|World’s Heart Day

Assisted to take care of the counter for the student program held for World Heart Day day. Performed live line-work illustrations for guests. Then it’s featured in a local newspaper Malay Mail online edition.  Surprised by the opportunity. 


1|Art Expo Malaysia

Art Expo Malaysia was here for the past 13 years and only I know got to attend it this year. To be frank,  I never heard about it before. This 13th edition of the art expo featured 60 art galleries from 15 countries from Southeast Asia. Featuring 1,500 artworks in one place was mind-blowing. I spent more than 3 hours going through every piece and spent more time on the one that inspired me. Left the place with half heart. I hope it should be open to the public for free. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed it. 

2|Art Exhibition #TheLedgeGallery #OneUtama 

This is my second exhibition at this place. I realised my art knowledge has been grown up slightly higher compared to the first time. Now that I have made few art friends have an art guru and slight knowledge of the Malaysian art scene. This time, I handle the exhibition with confidence. 

3|Wall Mural – Assisted

Been a fan of this artist. When she advertised for day assistance to complete a mural work she is been working on, I jumped into it immediately. It’s a paid job. I earned money plus how to do mural work. I assisted for a day instead of two. Made a new friend. I treasured this experience for sure. 


1|Art Exhibition #KLCityArtGallery

Another exhibition in line. This time at #KLCityArtGallery with the collaboration with Art Voice collective. I was totally in love with the vibe of this place. Seeing my work together with other local artists in a big space like this increases the vibe of my work.   The exhibition is brilliantly curated by a senior artist Mr. Stephen Menon. I got amazing attention from the attendees. That got me into goosebump. I was so happy that my work standout in the crowd and being welcomed. 


1|Christmas Party

As usual, ended the year with a Christmas party. a night well spent at one of the karaoke rooms at Subang with buffet. I didn’t know many of my colleagues are a fan of karoke. They were singing nonstop the whole night. We had a lot of screaming fun. A night well spent. Love the vibe and loved all of them.

tatta, (bubbye)


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