Padma Shri Dr Vivek (Vivekanandan) a Lost #RIPVivekSir

It will be over with a single #RIP. I wish every #RIP to be turn into a magical tree.

Buy and plant a single tree today for his remembrance. He will live through it providing oxygen, breathing through each one of us.

Hearing the news left me with instant jaw drop. Immediately, I become stunned, motionless and numb.

It seems like a new experience. Never feel the way before. I guess that how it’s supposed, to lose someone close to your heart unexpectedly. Let me tell you, I never prayed when he was hospitalized. I thought he will make it like others. My instinct will tell me if I need to worry. It worked most of the time but failed me on this. In another 25 minutes*the time of writing, it’s all will be gone by 5PM. Life will be back on track for others.

Things like this is the one revealing the true colour of life. Life is so fragile into unimaginable way. How the sign of the born existed for nine to ten months but a dead carries no single signal. Every seconds of life is a non-guaranteed hope of dream.

How cancer and cardiac arrest taken millions of life in a fraction of seconds. Isn’t it an undeclared WWII?  Taking people breathe like Chipsmore cookies. It had become a norm to plan your existence ahead when you are no longer exists. So that your existence can be carried at least for another 5 years, even though you are no longer alive.

When good people leave in bad terms, it scared me shit out of it. It’s so devastating that you are scared of life. Why good people whom has so much potential to do goodness for so many life out there had to leave early? Has HE “the God” planning to destroy the humankind but these people crossing his goal that he need to destroy them?

#VivekSir, I have so much respect for him that I can’t quote his name without the “Sir”. What a man to exist and entertained my young soul. What a humble man for me to look after as a script writer, actor, comedian, activism, environmentalist and more than that a human being.

So many have been said and written on him. I have nothing to say but to pledge.

Please every single soul reading this to make his legacy live longer. A pledge to create a human chain to keep his promise to A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir alive now and forever by supporting his project “GreenKalam”.

His targeted to plant one crore (ten million) & have planted nearly 33.23 lakh (3.323 Million) saplings so far.

Buy and plant a single tree today for his remembrance. He will live through it providing oxygen, through each one of us.

There is a reason why #APJAbdulKalam passed this mission to #VivekSir and not to others. He knows only youngsters can change their own upcoming fate and it will be well done by the one and only #VivekSir. Today 17 April 2021, #VivekSir have had turned from a body to oxygen, available everywhere to everyone.

Plant a tree today. I have done mine. #VivekSir will be with me now and forever. When is yours? #GreenKalam

Share it, to invite someone to join the pledge.

tatta, (bubbye)


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