[Book Review] The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The book initially has been recommended by my Chinese friend. When I brought the book I didn’t even read the review because I have already made up my own story of it. I thought the book it is about three women from Chinese Emperor who would have battled and made it to top, conquering the war. Why I thought that way. I don’t know. Blame my extreme innovated thinking.

I made that ridiculous story creation at subconscious level only because of the word in the title “dragon”. Thinking back, it feels so silly now.  

The book is great. If you are fan of crime and thriller, love suspense, a man of curiosity. This is surely for you.


  1. The beginning is wordy and unattractive.
  2. Too many suspense. When you thought had have ended it had led to another episode.
  3. The thrills are too good that you do not want to put down the book.
  4. The family tree is huge that you had to do frequent reference to get the story correctly.


  1. Nerve wreaking suspense; make you feels like sitting on hot seat.
  2. The storytelling and play is genius. The writer knows when to switch story.
  3. The story flows smoothly resolving all the questions have roused.
  4. The details are well explained that it creates visual in your mind.
  5. The story consists of many generations and characters that puts everyone as a suspect.
  6. The whole story travel within the girl with dragon tattoo’s (Salander) rare personality that has astonishing talent.
  7. It will make you fall in love with Salander and the main male journalist.
  8. Even though it’s a crime thriller, it covers many topics from journalism, Industrial giants, WWII, domestic abuse, sexual assault to welfare system.

If you have read this book and you love it, I’ll guarantee that you want to read the next “the girl who played with fire”

Fun Fact: There is a film is made out of this book directed by David Fincher, acted by Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara

Happy Reading

tatta, (bubbye)


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