#StayHome had created the much-needed family bond shrinking the wide gap

#StayHome, #MCO, #Corona definitely had changed everyone’s life

Photo by KH Tan on Pexels.com

1| Creative people have gotten extra time to cultivate their talent.
2| Books become attractive again, flooding from social media to hands.
3| Elders adopted technology and enjoying it like biscuits.
4| The virtual world is applied by everyone like a breakfast peanut butter.
5| Corporates adopted a new way of working. #WorkFromHome opportunities are flowing in.
6| Education system adopted new galaxy.

The universe has had changed like we found a new planet. Everything has been slowed down yet has been fastened out.

20XX is a miracle.

Happy 64th Merderka #Malaysia. #HappyMerdeka

tatta, (bubbye)


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2 responses to “#StayHome had created the much-needed family bond shrinking the wide gap”

  1. Happy Merdeka, fellow Malaysian! Not really the best time in our country right now, but at least it’s making us find our path. Also, it’s great to stumble across a fellow Malaysian here. Have a good holiday!

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    1. Yeah! Happy Merdeka fellow Malaysian. Let’s stay strong

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