How to be Happy No Matter What

How deep of the shit you are swimming in, no matter what, make sure you swim with full of happiness. If you did, no one can stop you from living your full life.

Life always reminds me this here and there. Will there be a person who is happy all the time? Even, when he/she experiencing emotional breakdown. Is that possible? I wonder.

I know it’s hard, hard for people who are deeply rooted with emotion. Worse, if they are an introvert.

But, I have made to understand that, it is possible.

I did come across people who are happy at all times no matter what. Never seen them crying or even showing a simple sign of sadness.

My jealously of them is tremendous. To be them is a gift.

And it is possible to be like them. Absolutely possible. Introvert just have to make a baby step to fully transform to be like them.

When you are fully happy inside out no matter what you are surrounded with, life will be magical.

From bottom of my heart, I wish everyone’s life to be magical.

P.s Photo/ illustration by tamakastudio

tatta, (bubbye)


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    1. yeah ! healing take time

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