How Do We Call Ourself an Artist if We Don’t Even Voice Out

Let me tell you something. Everyone has a voice. 

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has experience. Everyone wants to talk about it if no one is judging. 

So, let’s hear what they wanna say firsthand before going all out against it. 

Getting your voice out, talking about your struggle is as crucial as your steps to take care of your mental health. 

Even our Ministry of Finance Malaysia is encouraging us to Voice Out opinions. Who are we to tell them not to do so?

 It is not ok to voice out. It is CRUCIAL to voice out if you are desperate to do so. We have been fighting all these years to get our voice heard. We are the same people who condemn the same act when someone is voicing out. 

They said it is crucial not to hold back our opinion. 

Everyone has their struggle.

It is ok not to voice out or talk about it. It is also OK to voice out. Voicing out is an individual choice. No one has the right to condemn the act. 

If the particular issue is a well-known common issue, then we shouldn’t talk about it? Do we have to accept it and move on right? I don’t see any fairness in this. Why do we have to? 

If you have all the right to say that we shouldn’t voice out on the common issue, then the other person has all the right to voice out if she/he wants to. 

It is ok not to voice out or talk about it. It is also OK to voice out. Voicing out is an individual choice

When will be the right time to raise your concern when you know you are getting all the attention, and you know you can get the voice to the broader audience. 

When are we gonna change if it is not NOW? 

Maturity is to sincerely celebrate the success of someone even you are not smooth with them. Let’s congratulate the success before addressing our concern over their voice. 

word speaks mind 

Credit: Photo 1: by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

tatta, (bubbye)


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