Learn to forgive

All this while, I’ve been mad with almost everyone for not understanding me. Finally, I got it.

No one is designed to understand anyone.

Learn to Forgive

It is clear from the beginning. I’m the one that needs to take that extra mile to understand others for not being able to understand me.
It’s all clear now. It all makes sense now. it’s me. It’s my brain that causes all the anger.

Today is a better day. Today, I have learned to forgive them.

I have forgiven them for not being able to understand me. I have learned to let go of that anger I’m holding within. I have learned, it’s ok to not to have one single person out there to understand you.

It is OK to stand alone. It is OK to stay as a miserable puzzle that is not fit into anything.

It is not your fault.

All you have to do is forgive, let go, and continue to explore yourself.

tatta, (bubbye)



Photo 1: Photo by Bri Schneiter on Pexels.com

Photo 2: Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

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