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Hello Hi Everyone! It’s been five months into 2022. How’s your 2022 is going on so far? thought to drop off to “Hi”.

Nobody bothers covid anymore or maybe I’m wrong. but, I’m not here to talk about it.

Today is Mothers Day. I’m not here to talk about it too.
I’m here to post the draft I drafted 18 days into 2022 and have yet to publish it.

It’s 2022, and I have resumed my road trip. missed for a year. This year I visited a nearby local town “Kampar”. I have always wanted to explore this place.


It turned out to be a real surprise. A hidden gem. It’s a perfect place for retirement. At least as of now.
There is a sign of rushed development repealed by the residents. An attempt to create a new town with oversupplied residential and commercial buildings doesn’t go well. Seems like locals chose the old spirit over the new bloom. These had created a ghost town with many abandoned unoccupied buildings.

Locals are still occupying the old buildings, running the business as usual. Seeing old folks in their 70’s cycling around the town running their errand gives me goosebumps and teleported me into the 50s era.
The old town mostly occupied by old architecture gives a nostalgic feeling. The commercial 70s buildings are partially abandoned yet still standing strong. The 70’s era residents are still occupied, well maintained, and surrounded by hills. The clouds and greens at your doorstep view bring calmness 24/7.

The showstopper of the town is their general hospital. The general hospital is built on hills. The emergency entrance is almost hanging at 45 degrees. Buildings are built isolated and require a lot of maintenance right now. However, it was well decorated and faced the hills surrounded by greenies. It seems like a vacation spot for me. Wonder what would have been the thought process for selecting this geographical location.

There were a lot of KTM quarters around. Some are still well occupied. Life in the 80’s would have been nostalgic here.

Kampar people seem like food lovers. Mostly, occupied by the Chinese it’s food everywhere. Mornings are havoc. Nights are calm.

The outskirt of the town is surrounded by forests and lakes owned by private owners. The lakes are well-cultivated agricultural areas. the horizontal landscape below the hills is mesmerising. One of the key factors you shouldn’t miss in Kampar.

I wish a small cottage with minimal environmental impact is to be built around the outskirt areas for people to stay to experience hill/lakeview calm lifestyles.
Words are not enough to elaborate on these beauties. you got to see yourself. The rest is presented in photos.

tatta, (bubbye)


P.s I kept the photos raw and unedited here to keep the beauty of it.

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