Be the Change you want to be

~ Mahatma Gandhi Buddha

You might be wondering why the Buddha is at the back?. Nothing but just for fun. Purely to poke your mind that the quote belongs to Gandhi Ji & has nothing to do with Buddha ji.

I believe Buddhism is a universal religion. Spiritual. Borderless. Language-less.
Free to be adopted by everyone. Bloom from the heart. Focusing on humankind. Nothing but pure kindness.

Everyone can adopt Buddhism.

Today, I’m gonna tell you a narrative that’s going on in my life on this day.

I have naturally attracted to Buddhism. I have always carried a Buddha statue with me, even gifted some to my friends.

When I carried one to the house I rented with a sharing tenant in KL she used to decorate my Buddha with flowers.

Now that I moved out/on with my life. Every Wesak day, I’ll make sure I send my showered decorated Buddha snap to her. In return, she will reply with text/images as a gesture of kindness.

I have intended to do this as long as I’m still alive. One day if she is no longer getting one or if I stop getting a response. We will know would it means.

Create your own stories while you are still alive. When you are no longer alive, what stays alive in this world is your name and your stories.

So, never stop creating one. Spread kindness.

I’m Hindu on my forehead & Buddhist in my heart.

Happy Wesak Day Everyday!

tatta, (bubbye)



Photo 1: Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Photo 2: Photo by #tamakaphotography

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