Compartmentalised and Private Life

I have lived and still living a compartmentalised life. I have always stayed private & will always do. Sharing life on social media here and there will not tell you the whole you.

Wearing many hats, I keep my life compartmentalised. The people I’m involved with only know who am I in that specific compartment and nothing beyond that.

The reason being … of course, I want to keep that private too. Writing this little itself is enough to make me nervous.
Throughout all the above, I have also developed telephobia.

“telephobia” Phone anxiety – or telephobia – is the fear and avoidance of phone conversations and it’s common among those with social anxiety disorder.

But now, I have decided to challenge it.

I’m sharing out my compartmentalised life without much care for the audience. I have started to unmute my phone, turned on sound notifications, and had the courage to dial-up people. Starting off my social life. This time I do not expect people to pay back my kindness.

If you know me and reading this, I know this may come as a surprise to you. You may have never felt that I’m a social anxiety person. That’s because I have become an expert on my compartmentalised life.

Revealing things beyond my circle terrifies me.
But I’m challenging it. However, I’ll still keep it within my circles, not so much to open public.

If you know me, you’ll know a little bit more about me. Welcome to the other side.

Btw, I’m writing things like this here, so that I can read back after years. I’ll be so glad if my sharing would have helped someone along the way.

No one is perfect.

tatta, (bubbye)



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