[Tips] Why You MUST have Social Media Accounts

Everyone, every single person on this planet must have at least one social media app. Why? Let me tell you WHY?

Social Media isn’t a fad. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

Erick Qualman

1 | You can’t escape from having one?

Can you skip having one? Of course, you can. But with a busy life, don’t you think it’s good to have one to get connected to your family and friends? At least, WhatsApp. WhatsApp has connected a billion people after decades of lost connection.

2 | Use as your personal storage

Have you ever noticed people uploading 1001 snaps of your recent events into Facebook? the good one, the failed one, and the screwed up one. I bet you have. You cant keep everything on your phone/memory card. The storage offered by iPhone, google drive, dropbox, or any other service is definitely not enough. A subscription to upgrade the storage isn’t cheap either. Not all of us have the luxury of the time to backup files. Isn’t uploading it straight to your social media an inexpensive way to back up? Remember, they don’t have a limit capacity as of now. Plus, you got to upload it on the day of the event. BINGO!!!

3 | Use Social Media to express your feeling

You have no one to listen to you? Do you need a punching bag to shout at? Do it on your social media? Let me tell you, no one cares!. But, make sure to refrain from political expression. Because freedom of speech is not a thing yet. Do you hate your dinner? You can say it in your feed. If you wanna wish your father on father’s day, you can do it on your feed. If you’re having difficulties breathing, you can say it on your feed too (as long as you are still breathing, it shouldn’t be an issue). Expressing your feeling to someone even tho none listening does make us feel good.

4 | Influence people to make a donation

Taking people’s money for charity isn’t an easy job. If you are an influencer and have a good circle of people that listen to you, you can cater them to donate to good causes. Big or small isn’t a question. You no need to be a person with thousands of followers. A small circle of ten who believes in you is enough. But, gaining the trust of these ten people requires having a social media account. I’m talking about a distance relationship or a stranger as your friend here.

5 | Social Media is a meditation platform

Yes. You heard it right. Having a social media account is therapeutic. It’s a kind of meditation that requires no medication. You can shout at your wife all day long. You say whatever you want to your boyfriend. But, you can say anything you feel 24/7 on social media. Best of all, you can say it on multiple platforms with multiple features. Feed, stories, reel, shorts, they got you covered.

6 | Build your own world

You don’t need another person to brainwash you. Media like TV and radios have told us what to watch and listen to for centuries. They have been telling us what is right and what is wrong. Why this is good for us. Why do we have to behave in such a way? Now, your account is your world. You say, do, watch what you like. Skip if you don’t like it. Block if you hate something. You own the control of your buttons.

There are a lot more fan reasons to own social media. You can use it one & off. But. don’t miss out on the chance of having one.

So, you love to have one? What is the other fun way to use social media? Share it with me.

tatta, (bubbye)



Photo 1: Photo by Dan Cristian Pu0103dureu021b on Pexels.com

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2 responses to “[Tips] Why You MUST have Social Media Accounts”

  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    As a writer, I feel that social media is very helpful for digital presence. Sure, there’s also the danger of wasting my time going down rabbit holes, but technology is what we make of it. Anyway, thanks for this post, fellow Malaysian!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #tamakastudio Avatar

      indeed. i hv friends that making money solely based on Instagram traffic. i think we need to get smart in our use instead of avoiding it.


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