How Much #SocialMedia is Too Much?

Number of internet users in Malaysia from 2010 to 2020 and a forecast up to 2025(in millions)

How Much #SocialMedia is Too Much?

I got so much to do. I woke up exhausted.
Managing social media takes away most of my time.
Do I have way too much social media to manage?

social media users amounted to approximately 62 percent of the total population in Malaysia. Among all social media platforms available there, Facebook was the leading social media platform.

Five Instagram
Three Twitter
Two Youtube
Two Pinterest
Two Discord
One FB
One FB page
One TikTok
One Blog
One Telegram
One Vsco
One Tumbler
and many other accounts that I couldn’t even remember. The above is the one I’m actively managing.

In 2020, 28.4 million people were accessing the internet in Malaysia. This figure is projected to grow to over 30 million by 2025

I think I have gone way too far to handle all these. Keep posting, engaging, increasing followers, and consistently finding a way to monetize it.

I did think of giving up everything.
Instead of posting and managing, why don’t I focus on creating products, services, and paintings?

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Then I saw Vivy Yusof Instagram post. Despite the fact she is running a successful business (one of the tops in Malaysia), she is consistently maintaining her social media accounts. Oh! did I say she is a mother of 4 kids too? How does she manage to do all these? she can hire a social manager to do it. She can give up posting it consistently.

She can choose not to take up the challenge to blog her daily life for 365 days. But, she took it as a challenge. (this is the exact post I saw that day) I don’t see any sign that she is slowing down. Why does she decide to do all this despite the fact she is already generating enough money? Probably, she is very passionate about all this.

So, why should I slow down or stop?

I have no one demanding my attention. I have no whole family to take care of.

Maybe I should stop complaining and do it.

Maybe I should stop sleeping eight hours. Maybe, I shouldn’t don’t sleep at all.

Maybe I should pick one and choose to focus on it.

Maybe I can’t choose one because I like being everything.

Maybe I should stop talking too much and strategize.

Just do it. Thinking only ruins you.

Btw, if you wanna know more about the statistic, you can check out here or here

tatta, (bubbye)



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