Writing is not Hard. The aftermath is Hard

Writing is not Hard. The aftermath is Hard

Writing is not hard. The work that came after that was the most time-consuming thing. Editing and proofreading, again and again, take away all your time. I wish nobody bother about grammar, typos, sentence structure, or anything that comes with it. As long as one understands the storyline of the write-up, it all-sufficient.

Can we do that? Can we take away people’s perceptions of us from anything we want to do?
We feared so many things, while social fear topped the most.

Public appearance puts us into judgment. Nobody wants to be judged, at least publicly.
So, should I care less about all those technical things and just do it?
Will you judge me for that?
If you do, should I care less?

They said the key to a better writing skill is to write. And to write consistently.
I know it’s a common fear among writers. If you’re a writer, how do you confound this?
Some write naturally. It’s in them.
How about the one that wants to write but must go through these rough phases to become one? How many of you stopped writing because of this fear?

Can you feel my fear? Show me I’m not alone here. Get me going.

I have been using Grammarly for years to help me with my flaws. I like it. When you write in your tone, it tells you how wrong you are. Grammarly keeps highlighting writing issues, telling me I’m not good enough. No matter how hard I tried, it tells me there are issues.

I have lost count of how many times I have cut and pasted text to verify the errors. I didn’t mean to complain about it tho.

All I want is to share my story through writing, keeping this blog alive.
I have changed my tone of writing to suit Grammarly on many occasions. Yet, I’m feeling frustrated. I think I’m not good enough to do public posts.
I’m a lengthy person. I like to talk. Contrary to what my family thought of me. I like to talk when I want to. This blog is one of them.
But, whenever I do that, Grammarly tells me the sentences are lengthy. It uses this as an excuse to find more errors.
Just now, Grammarly suggested that I didn’t capitalize the “G”.I hope Grammarly knows I’m talking about it. Poor Grammarly.

Sometimes, I don’t quite agree with Grammarly’s suggestion. I’m also not very much sure what should be the correct replacement. So, I just nodded to the suggestion.
Btw, I’m not sure if anyone is reading my blog after all. I don’t promote it much. My only intention is to write, that’s all.

I seek to monetize this blog. The only possible way to do that is to have SEO-optimized content or have an abundance of blog fans. I guess I don’t have both.

Anyway, back to the story, should I continue to write and care less about the grammatical error?
Grammarly said no. how about you?

Btw, I have run through this same article at the language tool. It detected four errors. Grammarly tells me I have fourteen errors.
Who is good now?

To Grammarly, don’t worry, I like you. I’ll write a post about why people should use you. Don’t get offended.

tatta, (bubbye)



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2 responses to “Writing is not Hard. The aftermath is Hard”

  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    Oh yes, and when you get into fiction, everything else is much harder than the writing process—marketing, cover design, social media responsibilities—so you nailed it there.

    And I too don’t use tools like Grammarly, because like you, I always end up not agreeing with the changes. I say keep writing and honing your craft, even though it may not feel like you’re improving every time you sit down and write. Wishing you all the best!


    1. #tamakastudio Avatar

      couldn’t disagree. social media added more responsibility to stay float visually. I think fiction is harder to get the storyline right. Marketing never been an easy task to any field.

      Im not sure if im good enough. But, glad you have responded to me. My goal is to keep writing while fighting the public perception on me. Let see how far the writing can bring me.

      I wish you all the best too. Lets build together.


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