Hibiscus #Bungaraya: Malaysia’s national flower

Hibiscus #Bungaraya is Malaysia’s national flower. It had has chosen as a national flower in 1960 by the then ministry.

flower, hibiscus, malaysia, national flower

Do you know the hibiscus had to go through the stuff competition between rose, jasmine, lotus, ylang, frangipani, and bunga tanjung?

While east coast people prefer rose; the west coast prefers rose the hibiscus won the game.

flower, hibiscus, malaysia, national flower, flower art, illustration

The best remembrance of hibiscus is when Malaysia was chosen as a Commonwealth Games XVI organiser back in 2018 & Visit Malaysia 2007. A super gorgeous brilliant logo and designs were seen at every corner of Malaysia.

The designs had a very close resemblance to the hibiscus that the whole nation celebrates it.

You can easily spot hibiscus flowers almost everywhere in Malaysia along the roadsides and government buildings.

flower, hibiscus, malaysia, national flower

The same no longer exists. I wonder how many Malaysians still remember what our national flower is.

Patriotism is no longer strong.

Hibiscus is far hidden from the naked eye. Its celebration is fading away.

I miss those days. The hibiscus and the country.

Happy Independence. #HappyMerdeka

tatta, (bubbye)



Photo 1: Photo by #tamakaphotography

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  1. Pooja G Avatar

    What a beautiful flower. I love hibiscus tea, it’s so good.

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