[#tamakaTravelogue] Road Trip to #TelukIntan #Perak

Day: 01 January 2023 Days: 2 Days 1 Night

Boom! It’s been five days since the new year. It’s time to write about my road trip.

I had this one town that bothered my mind for a few months. I have always wondered what it has to offer me. I heard it still keeps alive the oldest tradition. I’ve seen people posting about bamboo-based old Chinese shops, traditional fishing methods, and so on.

So, this year I headed to this promising town. It is also not far away from my current town. I did some crazy things this time, from walking into the back alleys to sitting hours on the rotten wood bridge with local villages.

One thing I realized from this trip, Perak is rich in traditional Malay houses. Many of it still occupied. I wish I drove a motorbike for me to stop at the roadside to take tonnes of a snap. Witnessing how people are living and enriching their life is a gift.

I must say, Teluk Intan truly surprised me. The town surprised me with commercial buildings and activities when you enter Kampung Gajah/ Kampar. You can sense that the geographical landscape has contributed to the richness of the life of people. As you go deeper, the bay (Teluk) suburbs are flooded with fishing villages abandoned and neglected from development. The people living under damaged wooden houses with the only job to do – fishing. The border between rich and poor people is blurred as they seem to be living together.

Many old shop streets are abandoned, forcing people to survive since the commercial building are booming.
I assumed Teluk Intan was probably in the developing stage. Little did I know it was a majorly developed town with busy roads and streets.

To my surprise, the people of Teluk Intan are still making ships, weaving baskets with bamboo, playing with plastic kites, and fishing on a lonely boat for hours.

I’m not done. This town has tonnes of hidden treasures to offer.

I’ll probably turn the experiences into a series of artworks.

tatta, (bubbye)



Photo: Photo by tamakaphotography

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