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AMMA / MOTHER : Happy #MothersDAY

Mother! What does this word mean to you? Have you ever asked this question to yourself?

If yes, ask again, If not, well ask now.

If you ask me the same, I would say it has no description. You simply can’t put into words.

My mom is 70 years old this year. The only thing I’m scared of in this world is my mother due out of utmost respect.

  • Respect to the struggle she had to go through to carry me.
  • Respect to the hurdles she had to face to keep me alive. (She said I nearly died of sickness and she has no money to bring me to hospital)
  • Respect for living the painful life to raise me and my six siblings without the support of my father.
  • Respect for the challenges she had to go through alone as a woman to feed her children.
  • Respect for working hard as a rubber tapper all day long so that she can give better future for her kids.
  • Respect for letting me to continue my study despite negative influences spread by my relatives.
  • Respect for trusting and leaving me to work far from the home.
  • Respect for giving me the freedom to do my own choices.
  • Respect for the utmost sacrifices you have did for me and my siblings.
  • Respect for all the things you have done to me and my siblings which can’t be described using 24 letters.

Of course, she has her flaws but that’s nothing big compared to what she has done to us.

She had literally lived for us “her children”. I have heard her outcry for her two kids who had been adopted due to her financial in-capabilities to raise them when they were born. The unintentional act which she regrets till today.

I have seen her struggles, pains and tears by standing right beside her. I wish no mom should go through such pains in their life which she is still struggles to get rid of her memory. The pains are too deep as it had been nailed into her heart. The traumatic life one should never go through.

She lived an extraordinary life for a woman. I wish I can write her biography one day.

Happy Mother’s Day Amma (Mother)

tatta, (bubbye)


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Welcome to #NewMalaysia 10 MAY 2018

Let me record this historical moment. The waiting is over. The sleepless night is over. It’s official now.

Heartiest welcome to our new prime minister Tun Dr. #Mahathir Mohamad of #Malaysia. He made it by becoming the oldest prime minister in the world.

Even before the swearing he is already bringing the world’s attention on Malaysia.

The people have spoken. The mandate is given. Feeling proud to be one of the person who had brought the change.

Feeling gracious to be part of this and witnessing every moments.

I love you Malaysia 🇲🇾 and forever I will.

#GE14 #PRU14 #Election #PakatanHarapan #PH

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09 MAY 2018 #Malaysia #GE14

For the first time in the history of Malaysia, Malaysian are making a concise decision determining the future of our loveable country.

The love for #Malaysia is wide spread begging for better future.

#MakeMalaysiaGreatAgain You’ll be forever in our heart. #TanahKu #NegaraKu

“Jom, keluar mengundi sahabatku”

Please be reminded of below on #VotingDay
1. IC
2. Driving license ID
3. Umbrella
4. Tissue
5. Water bottle
6. Sunglass
7. Cap
8. Sweater
9. Nail polish remover
10. Cash
Additional Item: Your concise Mind

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Another Milestone 14/04/2018

It’s Tamil New Year today. Another goal achieved. I want this to be a yearly tradition. So, let me record this down.

I have executed a long time plan today and it’s another milestone in my life. I have purposely chosen this date so that I can track and measure my achievement every year.

I’m so glad I’m doing all this by my own. It could mean nothing for someone; but it’s means a lot for me. I know, I’m slightly delayed in achieving my life goals but I’m glad that I finally make it.

I took full pride of it because every single achievement is the sole effort of me and no one else.

I know I have way more to go and I’m heading towards.

Signing off with pride.

tatta, (bubbye)


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International Women’s Day: She Is My Sister

#InternationalWomen’sDay is typically #MH370 Remembrance Day for me. I wished all the lost and unfound souls are at peace now. They are officially missing and not found at this moment. Usually, I don’t celebrate this day in remembrance of them.

But this year, I choose to write about a woman that never failed to impress me. Finally, I have decided to write about her. She may not be reading this blog but I’m glad I chose to write about her.

She is my sister. She is married at very young age when she was only 19 years old. Now, she is 41 with four beautiful and genius children.

I lost the chance to grow together with her. I only got a year to stay under the same roof with her when I was 13 years old. Then, she got married.

The real bond started when she had her first child on 19 years old nine months after her marriage. Somehow, I had the opportunities to babysit her children. I can proudly say that I raised almost all her four children. By these, my bond with my sister grew stronger.

She is the most hardworking wife, mom and sister I have ever seen. The courage she had to keep going with family chaos which comes with all form without strong support of husband had amazed me.

At many occasions, I have seen her ignoring her pain to get up and work on daily house chaos to keep it clean and tidy. I hardly see her sad face. I don’t know how she is dealing with it or at least she is good in hiding it.

She is the man of the family. She woke up early to make coffee for school kids; she follows her husband to work and equally worked the hardcore job. She come back and manages the cooking and house chaos. She entertained her too depending father’s request. She is there to listens to peoples crumbles. (Trust me, there is bunch of group who are always sticking around her to share their sorrows and gossips with her) She takes care of the kids’ educations, expenses and the needs. She drove them to school. She manages all the relatives’ issues. She patiently entertained her husband dependence to entertain the visitors and cook for them. She will be a great helper at family functions. She is un-doubtfully an entertainer. She is a friend for a sister. She is a workaholic. She is a great lady. She is the “HERO” of that family. And, she is my sister.

I’m so proud of her. I doubt I can be like her. I doubt I can have the courage like her. She is a super mom and super lady. I’m not sure why she differs so much from my mom. I have a lot of respect for her. I always prayed hard for her happiness. I wish she can live for her at least once a while. I hope her husband and children can see what I’m seeing on her.

She is still working right now. She is working almost 30 days in a month as an operator for low salary to support the family even though she had to frequently bear the severe migraine pain.

Whenever, I felt down or lazy I’ll think about her. She is a great energy booster.

She is a perfect example for #Women’s Day. She is my sister and I’m glad she is my sister. Her name is Kavitha and I dedicate this to her.

tatta, (bubbye)


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#SriDevi : Respect and Remember for her Hard work

We love to talk. In fact, we love to talk a lot. That’s exactly what we had done for #SriDevi the Indian actress who had passed away recently.

We want to believe anything and everything people say when it attracted us the most.

First day reports said she died due to cardiac arrest. We get shocked and believed it.

Then, a doctor out of nowhere claimed the cardiac arrest was as a result of side effect since she was consuming bills to stay slim. We blamed the husband for not stopping her. We blamed the fashion designers who have business interest through her beauty and figure. This time we cared. We cared about our fellow colleagues’ health. So, we forwarded the message in all social media platforms we have registered without even to validate the source of the info. Because, we care. We care too much.

Then, police said according to her post mortem reports, she died out of accidental drowning after losing consciousness for consuming alcohol. This time we laughed at her dead body concluding this as her stupidity. We laughed because it’s shameful and funny for a woman to get drunk and drown. This time, we get excited. We get excited to quickly share the news at the same social media platforms all over the net to share the laugh with same minded people.

We want to tell the whole world that she didn’t die out of cardiac arrest or the side effect of slimming pills but got drunk and drowned. (ha..ha..ha..)

We care less on her family’s feelings. We bother nothing of her years of hard work which she has built since she was 4 years old. We care, this time we care only about us. We get excited. We get excited to talk and gossip about her.

Frankly, aren’t you shame of yourselves?

Aren’t you got drunk before? Or lost stability out of alcohol before?

So, stop it. Seriously, stop it.

Even, if she would have died due to accidental drowning, who are you to laugh about it? If your own mother died the same way, you wouldn’t want the whole world to talk and laugh about it. So, leave her alone.

Respect and remember her for her work. Remember her for who she was. You and I can’t beat her dedication at any point of time. If you are not happy with it, leave her alone.

Now, new conspiracy has occurred. What was concluded as closed become a mystery? This is to be continued. The truth is, probably #Sridevi itself wouldn’t know how she had died.

By the way, life is all about living every second. The next second is not yours and it’s not guaranteed for sure.

Her Last Retweet
Her Last Tweet

It #Jhanvi’s birthday on 6th March 2017. She and her father #BoneyKapoor have released official tributes to #Sridevi on tweeter accounts.

Her ashes is reportedly to be immersed in #Rameshwaram . May her soul rest in peace.

A respect for all the hard work, dedication and talent she has shown us. Glad, #Oscar2018 had honoured her.

tatta, (bubbye)


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The #WHY Question ?

I think; I’m a nomad person. I couldn’t breathe if I stay at home. I just have to get out. Getting out is giving me freedom. Freedom motivates me. Motivation is inspiring me to stay passionate and do what I love to do.

Are we living the life the way we are supposed to be live? Have we ‘the human’ have changed the entire concept of life?

Who drew the life cycle? Why our community is pressing us to follow the line? Why we are not allowed to break the line?

First of all, why there is a cycle? Why are we stamped with certain name and marks if we don’t follow the rules?

How hard would it be to break the rules? Should I try it?

By the way, #HappyValentine’sDay !!!

tatta, (bubbye)


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[#tamakaTravelLogue] #RoadTrip 2018 #SimpangPertang #NegeriSembilan #Malaysia

Date: 01 Jan 2018                    Days: 2 Days One Night

It’s been a yearly routine for me to go on road trip on every New Year. So, far I have done it for pass three years. Hopefully, I can keep up to this annual routine.

This year I didn’t plan anything in advance until the last day of 2017. **Mind voice: it’s been like that every year. Initially, I planned to go to hometown but changed my mind. I knew I wanted to go to somewhere but I couldn’t fix any destination. Suddenly, the idea bulb popped out. Why don’t I visit my childhood places where I have been raised? It’s always been my lifetime goal and why don’t I take this as an opportunity? I had Renjok, Pahang & Simpang Pertang, Negeri Sembilan in my mind but I still couldn’t take that first step because the unknown fear of travelling alone conquered me.


Finally, I made myself brave and picked #SimpangPertang. I left this place when I was 11 years old. I only stayed here for about two years yet the memories are so fresh in my mind. I witnessed some of my life’s best and worse here.

I learnt my cycling, fishing, cadet, bird feeding, rubber tapping, hardworking, braveness, kindness, jealousy, revenge, harassment, poverty, family conflicts & etc etc… all here.

Looking back, how years had passed and some of the things remains unchanged especially, the trees, roads, houses, buildings. I literally couldn’t believe that I’m walking the same road after decades. It’s a strange feeling.

I wonder why I took decades to visit this place when it’s just an hour and half from #KLCity? Well, I can only laugh at my stupidity.


I found a small hotel (Simpang Pertang INN) within the town. I braved myself to book a room with an attached bathroom that cost RM80 p/night. A room with sharing bathroom is only cost RM60. It’s a big room that can easily accommodate 4 people. Two big balconies are a plus. You are also allowed to use the big hall (downstairs) and hotel’s facilities for free. It is built in an isolated residential area surrounded with nature with quite environment. If you are looking for a calm and slow kind of lifestyle environment to relieve your city life stress, this is the best with rating 4/5.

Luckily, they were having a eve celebration for the New Year organized by #BarisanNational (BN). So, I had an opportunity to witness their firework which is lasted more than 5 minutes and I’m impressed.

I visited my (used to stay) house, walked the roads, rounded the residential area, greeted the trees and chatted with few uncles and aunties. They laughed at me for visiting the place after so many years yet praised my braveness to do so.


The next morning, I walked the small Chinese town called #LadangPertang which I used to cross by to go a felda for a rubber tapper plantation when I was 11 years old. I also studied at the school located inside an estate named #SRJK(T)LadangPertang. I couldn’t find that felda & school tho.

I instantly fall in love with this small #LadangPertang town . This is my kind of place which interprets how a real life should be. A perfect place to retire. Rubber tapping and cultivation are still the main source of their income. #Durians are mainly cultivated here and transported to #Segamat (JB).  So, if you are buying Durians at Segamat, it’s mostly cultivated here. If you are asking, of course I tasted the fresh Durian on early morning and its super delicious.


After hours of rounding, I kissed good bye and left the place with big heart. My heart says “I should come back”. & I WILL.

2018-01-19 02652174429..jpg
The Big Hall
2018-01-19 021610833817..jpg
The Hotel Room
2018-01-19 021037761883..jpg
The Queen size bed
2018-01-19 02884709145..jpg
The of the fruit shop from the many unaccountable
2018-01-19 02135450820..jpg
Taman Simpang Pertang, right under the big mountain
2018-01-19 021192000825..jpg
The trees where I used to take school bus
2018-01-06 10873013555..jpg
The shortcut hallway I used to take to another “Taman”
2018-01-19 021408822009..jpg
Ladang Pertang Town
2018-01-19 021142075456..jpg
Ladang Pertang village
2018-01-01 07567845457..jpg
The Wild Cactus
2018-01-19 021345269951..jpg
The backyard of the Village
2018-01-19 021953527755..jpg
The Wild Cactus just by Roadside which almost blocked the school signboard
2018-01-19 021302899120..jpg
The Creative Cultivation by Villagers at the their Frontyard
2018-01-19 02653337091..jpg
The Cultivation
2018-01-19 021135589590..jpg
The Tapping

tatta, (bubbye)


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#Jumanji the Movie; #TheRock; #Malaysian are Inseparable


Just In just two weeks of release #Jumanji topped number one in Malaysia and the 3rd biggest movie of all time of all the movies. WOW!!! How big is that?

And, that exactly why #JohnDwayne @ #TheRock made a one minute video to send his love to Malaysia.

My fellow Malaysian, watch our hero thanking us here in his IG.

Planning to go for second, third and your forth watch ????? Why not ?? book your tickets early and fix a date with your friends. Enjoy !!!!

tatta, (bubbye)