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It is ok to be alone. To fight alone. To survive alone. To have no one to talk to, when you are feeling down. It is ok to dwell into that feeling. It ok to cry alone. It ok to pick up yourself and move on. Its ok to fall again. Its ok to go… Continue reading It is ok, YES IT’S TOTALLY OK

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2019 a Review (Part 2)

Disclaimer: This drafted post been sitting in my bucket for quite a long time. I know it been a year past this. But, trust me, I will regret it if I don't post it. I treat this blog as my life achieve and I would like to come back and look at it and be… Continue reading 2019 a Review (Part 2)

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[Movie Review] ATONEMENT

Disclaimer: Not an expert on the literature of books/ movies. Just a simple personal sharing I was looking for pride and prejudice but suggested with #atonement because the director of the movie is the same #JoeWright. According to, atonement means reparation for an offense or injury. It is based on Ian McEwan's 2001 novel… Continue reading [Movie Review] ATONEMENT

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My 12 Years of Blogging Experience & How It’s started

Yesterday, WordPress reminded me that it’s my 5th anniversary with them. They notified me that I have started WordPress five years ago on 03/07/2015. Oh! Wow! What a journey. But I tell you my journey of blogging started even way beyond that. I have always been addicted to technology. I got jealous of people who… Continue reading My 12 Years of Blogging Experience & How It’s started


April 2020 will be Healer for #COVID19

Why do I feel April will be the great month for the current situation? Stay tuned, everything will be alright when we hit May. My deep condolences to all the lost souls on this terrible battlefield. They died as a hero to teach us (the world) the lesson that humanity still exists. End of the… Continue reading April 2020 will be Healer for #COVID19

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Reflect Your Decade & Define Your Success

OK! I know I'm posting a lot that linked to 2019. To be frank, I'm so fascinated by this new year 2020. Its been a dream year for me since my teenage years. Somehow it has created a huge impact on me. As much as I got excited to be in 2020, I refused to… Continue reading Reflect Your Decade & Define Your Success

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How to Make Your New Year 2020 an Amazing Year

Three 3 more days to go for us to leave the nineteen forever. It’s time to make a resolution some say. Some got bored to even to make a resolution as they said that they did every year and nothing has changed. Whether you achieve it or not is a second thing. But it always… Continue reading How to Make Your New Year 2020 an Amazing Year

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My #ArtExhibition at #OneUtama #KualaLumpur

30 June 2019 is the last day of my one-week Art Exhibition. The event is held from 22 June 2019 to 30 June 2019. OK, I hear you. “Why am I only posting this now?”. Because I was too tied up with work and family. By the way, I’m so happy how the overall event… Continue reading My #ArtExhibition at #OneUtama #KualaLumpur