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Instagram #IGTV Review & How to Use it


It’s been a week since Instagram launched their new feature on 20 June 2018. Since the launch, IGTV is going viral and everyone is talking about it.

My personal view, the viewing pleasure at IGTV gives whole new experience compared to normal video browsing from platforms like #YouTube. IGTV gives you personalised feeling that with their close up vertical view.

I guess, soon #Instagram will take over all the major social platforms including #Facebook and dominate the industry with all their creativity and constant new features and updates with a 1-billion-users threshold.

Ok. What is IGTV and how to use it? To make a simple understanding is

IGTV is standalone vertical videos that aren’t limited to 60 seconds but can be up to an hour-long.

Why vertical video?

Because a large amount of video- watching market are watching a video in vertical. A user likes to watch more vertical videos longer compared to a traditional 16:9 videos.

Experience the difference of feelings of watching- videos in traditional and vertical format here

Traditional Video

(for similar visual, watch it from 7: 20 minutes onwards)

Vertical Video

Introduction of IGTV by Facebook here


  1. IGTV it for all. Anyone can be a creator.
  2. It a standalone vertical video
  3. Not limited to 60 seconds but can be up to an hour-long.
  4. It acts like a channel – When you follow the creator their channel will show up.
  5. The video will auto play when you open the feature.
  6. No ads in IGTV yet like Youtube.
  7. Monetization option coming on the way.
  8. You can add link, like, comment and even share the video.

The Not-So-BEST of IGTV

  1. The displaying feature is only supported vertical.
  2. You can still upload the traditional or square videos but each side of it will auto cut and stretched focusing only at center.
  3. No monetization to make money.

How to Use IGTV??

1|You must be a #Instagram user

2|Update your #Instagram App

3|look for IGTV icon on your home tab

4|Click on the icon – you are in the IGTV channel ready

5| Choose your preferred channel options

  • For You – Curated by Instagram for you based on your data history
  • Following – IGTV channel of the users you’re following
  • Popular – Current popular channels on Instagram
  • Continue Watching – The videos that you stopped watching for you to continue to watch. (It starts from where you have paused/stopped)
  • Search – Search your own preferred channels

6| Create your own channel by clicking on the setting icon & follow the steps by tapping into next (tadaaa… you’re in – it’s that simple)

7| start adding your own video by clicking into plus + icon (new users & low following users are only allowed to post up to 10 minutes of videos compared to high following user.

You owned your own channel now. Enjoy and be creative.

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[#Tips] How to use #Hastag for #Dummies

Even though, #Hashtag already become a common feature in social medias; I believe some are still do not know how to use it properly; or the purpose of #Hashtag feature.

I do not blame you. Perhaps, the innovation of technology is too fast and you are too busy to explore it.

So, this is for you.

#Hastag is first bought into market by #Twitter and then adopted by other platforms like Instagram, Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media platforms. It become an instant hit and gained popularity. Since then, it has become unstoppable.

The main purpose of #Hastag is to ease the search. It narrows and specifies the search items. Even, you can create your own #Hastag to personalise it.

These are the samples of #Hastag being used wrongly.

  • #greatmorning#
  • #greatmorning #
  • #great morning#
  • #great#morning#
  • # great morning#

How to Use #Hastag

Be specific and use relevant #Hastag. Do go to lengthy and over creative because no one will use it such a way.

  • #greatmorningwithmydarlinginthehousebarckyard#
  • #greatmorningvibrationlover

#Hastag use should be short and simple; maximum preferable length is between 3 to 4 words. If your #Hastag has more than two words, you can capitalise the first letter to ease the reading. #Hastag will not able to differentiate the small and capital letters. So, don’t worry.

  • #instablackandwhite or #InstaBlackandWhite

How do I use #Hastag

I usually use 1 or two words in my #Hastag. Generally, I will capitalize the first letter for clear design and ease the reading.

  • #GoodMorning

Most importantly, use the relevant and medium popular #Hastag. Using the common and popular #Hastag has high competition and your post will not standout to get the attention it needs.

There are great apps that can help you to get appropriate #Hastag. I’ll be taking about this soon. So, stay tuned for my posts. To make sure you don’t miss out any of my post, follow me via google account.

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[My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try


I have been installing and uninstalling many applications (Apps) to find the best among the best. I have almost tested 80% of suggested Apps in blogs and write ups. I never had a clean simple flip page. My phone always flooded with all kind of Apps. At times, my friend goes crazy with my phone as they found it hard to find what their looking for.

Almost everyone and anything have an App now. So it is advised only to use the best.Here, I would like to share few Apps I have tested, satisfied and using it.



Merriam Webster

I always wanted to have a dictionary with an offline access so that I don’t have to “ON” data and wait for it to load before I can perform search. Finally, after few trial and errors, I settled with this one. So far, this is the most reliable and best online dictionary I ever used. It goes smooth in both online and offline. However, the audio function is only available when online. Since I am so satisfied with this App, I have stopped looking for other similar apps.

Rating: 5/5



Long ago, somehow an article had leaded me to “RSS” facility. The function helps you to read websites in efficient way. When I was so addicted to “RSS” apps Google Reader, Google had announced to take down the function on 2013. So I have no option but to find a replacement app. I tried “InoReader”,“Tiny Tiny RSS” and finally satisfied with “Feed”. Feed gives me an awesome experience with simple features.

Rating: 4/5


Repost for Insta

Since Instagram is trending, many repost apps popped like mushrooms. As you know, Instagram do not allow you to download or save pictures nor do they allow direct full rights access to other app. There are many repost apps are available in the market but like this tho. I like their light/dark editing feature for repost-profile name.

Rating: 4/5



This is a read it later app which is specially design for offline use. The super slick and simple design made me to fall in love with it. The black and white switch theme feature is super cool. The recent upgrade recommends you new stories from the people you follow. A must try app.

Rating: 5/5



I am a memory collector. I writes dairy since my teenage years. Even tough, I enjoyed owning physical diary; recently, I switched softcopy for the purpose of easy access. At first, I tried “Memoires: the Diary” and then switched to “Diaro” for its bright UI colour selection feature. It comes with security protection, unlimited photo uploads and direct backup access with dropbox.

Rating: 4/5

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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