Hello, this is tamaka, an artist living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’m passionate about art and wish to live a life through the arts. I believe the entire world is made of art. Anything you see, listen to, smell, and use is all art the result of a creative mind.

On this platform, I’ll share my passion for art and my artwork. My works are more into abstract expressionism with spontaneously crafted strokes.

As a visual person, I’m good at visual expression instead of writing. Yet, I would love to share my equal desire for writing because of my love for books. I’m giving my best on the blog even though I’m not a good writer. I shared my life experiences, opinions, money management, and travel/food diaries on my blog. Wish me good luck and keep supporting me. Remember to subscribe.


Visual Artist

While seriously involved in art since 2016, I’m moving towards perfecting my craft with abstract expressionism. I enjoy playing with colours, strokes, and dimensions with mixed mediums.


I love the digital medium. I enjoy illustrating line works that consist of floral curve wavy lines reflecting the feminine natural beauty of arts. My one-line art contemplates the uniqueness of my style.


My inspiration for vibrating space makes me explore murals. I’m fond to work with resonating colors combined with floral line works. I love the black & white mural. I believe it equally subsists vibe.

Interior Decorating

Equally sharing the passion for decor, I love decorating space with my unique style. I’m naturally inclined to style the spaces with minimal to elegant elements that carry my eccentric style.

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