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Hello there!!!

Welcome to my blog. I’m glad, you are reading this. Thank you for dropping by to my blog. I am living in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 🇲🇾

It’s my long time goal to write a blog. Finally, I have activated my old blog. Thanks to my friend for encouraging me to initiate this. This is one of my daring initiative to perfect my grammar.

I’ll be sharing my personal opinions, life journey, exploration, inspirations & my artworks here.

Trust me, I may looks like an extrovert but I know I am seriously an introvert. Sharing is a big “NO” in my life. I like to keep everything to myself. Yet, I am coming forward to explore the “sharing”. So, rest assured you’ll get to know a little bit of me here and there.

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P.S. All opinions shared in this blog are solely mine and not related to the one who is alive or dead. 🙂

Stay tuned …

tatta, (bubbye)

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