A life without a pen & paper is a worse. So, online you go.

Hi, I’m tamaka, a fan of all things arts. I have been a fan of blogs since 2009. Having a dream to share all my crazy thinkings and opinions out, been a goal for me for a decade. All opinions in here are mine. Nope, not putting any pressure on you to adopt.

“Getting out your thoughts are more important than grammar errors”

Compartmentalised and Private Life

I have lived and still living a compartmentalised life. I have always stayed private & will always do. Sharing life on social media here and there will not tell you the whole you. Wearing many hats, I keep my life compartmentalised. The people I’m involved with only know who am I in that specific compartment […]


“Be the Change you want to be“ ~ Mahatma Gandhi Buddha You might be wondering why the Buddha is at the back?. Nothing but just for fun. Purely to poke your mind that the quote belongs to Gandhi Ji & has nothing to do with Buddha ji. I believe Buddhism is a universal religion. Spiritual. […]

[#tamakaTravelLogue] #RoadTrip 2022 #Kampar #Perak #Malaysia

Hello Hi Everyone! It’s been five months into 2022. How’s your 2022 is going on so far? thought to drop off to “Hi”. Nobody bothers covid anymore or maybe I’m wrong. but, I’m not here to talk about it. Today is Mothers Day. I’m not here to talk about it too.I’m here to post the […]

Learn to forgive

All this while, I’ve been mad with almost everyone for not understanding me. Finally, I got it. No one is designed to understand anyone. It is clear from the beginning. I’m the one that needs to take that extra mile to understand others for not being able to understand me.It’s all clear now. It all […]


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