A life without a pen & paper is a worse. So, online you go.

Hi, I’m tamaka, a fan of all things arts. I have been a fan of blogs since 2009. Having a dream to share all my crazy thinkings and opinions out, been a goal for me for a decade. All opinions in here are mine. Nope, not putting any pressure on you to adopt.

“Getting out your thoughts are more important than grammar errors”

How Do We Call Ourself an Artist if We Don’t Even Voice Out

Let me tell you something. Everyone has a voice.  Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has experience. Everyone wants to talk about it if no one is judging.  So, let’s hear what they wanna say firsthand before going all out against it.  Getting your voice out, talking about your struggle is as crucial as your steps […]

You Made a #Mistake, So What ???

I made a mistake, so what. I own it. I correct it. I have learned from it. I’m going strong. And, i’m a better person now When you made mistakes, the world will come after you – to tell you how bad you are. The people around you will poke you again, again and again, […]


Within months so much had happened, giving you no time to digest.Facing the reality of how one can become numb when facing their utmost fear experiencing the real color of darkness.Been witnessing how people (the known to the unknown) behave in desperate times.Been missing in action and failed to show up out of the fear […]

How to be Happy No Matter What

How deep of the shit you are swimming in, no matter what, make sure you swim with full of happiness. If you did, no one can stop you from living your full life. Life always reminds me this here and there. Will there be a person who is happy all the time? Even, when he/she […]


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