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Memories; Bye-Bye 2017

As much as you want to carry forward your memories so that you have plenty of it to hold your breath at the end of your life, you still want to get rid some of them. Mainly because of the emotions you have attached to it. Good or bad it’s still a memory, a past… Continue reading Memories; Bye-Bye 2017

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[Street Life] Walking the Street & Discovering New Things

Walking a street will never disappoint you. It's a way of exploring and discovering. A soul healing moment conceive of many hidden surprises and I love doing it. This is something that persistently motivating me the way I wanted to live my life. Nomad is a way of life. Say no to man created life.… Continue reading [Street Life] Walking the Street & Discovering New Things

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Advice Is Free but Not Everyone Need It

Think about it. How many of people who are truly listen to your advice. First of all, did they ask for it? So let’s stop being too nice and give abundance of advice to someone who don’t really care about it. I’m not being sarcastic here. But, I’m trying to stop you from getting humiliated… Continue reading Advice Is Free but Not Everyone Need It

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#BattleField & Win it with Smile & Silence

Every day is a battlefield. Accept all the criticisms and make a point to learn from it. Then, let go of it as it never happened. That way, no string of emotions is created. Some will inspire you and some will give you hard time. Let's not hope everyone to be nice to you no… Continue reading #BattleField & Win it with Smile & Silence


How Not To Stay Close Door

Fresh air, refreshing view, people, place and movements. Hmm... What a relief. I planned to stay under the roof for this weekend except for my jogging routine on Saturday. I thought, this way, I can complete all my pending tasks which is piling up, taking all the space in my to do list. But I… Continue reading How Not To Stay Close Door

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[#MoneyGoal] How To Save MYR10K?

Two years ago, I set my goal on certain things especially on my financial status. Today, I am glad to have achieved my goal, slightly delayed but I am still happy about it. I aimed to earn certain figures per month and to invest RM10K in fixed deposit. I am so grateful that I had… Continue reading [#MoneyGoal] How To Save MYR10K?


[#HowTo] #MoveOn : The Only #Option You Have Right Now

I was sincere. In fact, we were both sincere to each other. Yet, how could this happen? And, why “I” triggered this? Out of nowhere, something happened. Something pulled us apart. We are separated without fighting, without telling each other and without any reason. We walked our own path. We never looked for each other.… Continue reading [#HowTo] #MoveOn : The Only #Option You Have Right Now

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What #5amClub Did to Me?

I know everyone is struggling on this. We tried, tried hard. Somehow it doesn’t work. It’s easy to read than to do. It does require high level of commitment. Recently, I have been falling asleep to early than usual. I used be an owl that sleeps around 3am. My morning fills with disasters. When I… Continue reading What #5amClub Did to Me?

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Quitting Is the New Future

I’m in the process of quitting; Quitting the bad habits; Quitting the procrastination; Quitting from slack friendships; Quitting from wasting time; Quitting the overspending; Quitting the excess thinking; Quitting from being bored; Quitting from not cooking; Quitting from oversleeping; Quitting from having extra fat; Quitting from “Nasi Lemak”; Quitting from being night owl; & Quitting… Continue reading Quitting Is the New Future