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Welcome to #NewMalaysia 10 MAY 2018

Let me record this historical moment. The waiting is over. The sleepless night is over. It's official now. Heartiest welcome to our new prime minister Tun Dr. #Mahathir Mohamad of #Malaysia. He made it by becoming the oldest prime minister in the world. Even before the swearing he is already bringing the world's attention on… Continue reading Welcome to #NewMalaysia 10 MAY 2018

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09 MAY 2018 #Malaysia #GE14

For the first time in the history of Malaysia, Malaysian are making a concise decision determining the future of our loveable country. The love for #Malaysia is wide spread begging for better future. #MakeMalaysiaGreatAgain You'll be forever in our heart. #TanahKu #NegaraKu "Jom, keluar mengundi sahabatku" Please be reminded of below on #VotingDay 1. IC… Continue reading 09 MAY 2018 #Malaysia #GE14


If Not Now, WHEN #GE14 #Malaysia

Today, the whole nation gone havoc when the Malaysian's Election Commission (EC) announced the next General Election 14 (GE14) to be held on 09 May 2018 which is fall on working day Wednesday. This is way beyond expectation where the past elections are mostly held on weekends. The "Rakyat" people of Malaysian are questioning the… Continue reading If Not Now, WHEN #GE14 #Malaysia


Good Bye Brother Nhaveen & Zulfarhan

Tears flowed down uncontrollably; Heart gets heavier than before; Smile disappeared unknowingly; Surrounded with sorrows; Unimaginable pain; Speechless mouth; Unfair treatment; Gone too soon; Good bye brother; #RIPNhaveen #RIPZulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain I’m sure we will be surprised if government of Malaysia reveal the static of assaulted, bullied, homicide, murdered and accidents cases in Malaysia. Don’t… Continue reading Good Bye Brother Nhaveen & Zulfarhan