Happy Birthday Mom!!!

It’s my mom’s 70th birthday today 19072018. The only person I have the utmost respect and the most sacred off in this world.

I’m not raised by a parent, by a man but a woman, a mother.

This video is the true reflection of a mother and her scarifications. It’s so painful to watch this.

Recently, I also come across a video posted on Facebook where a mother is abandoned by her own daughter at the street. The daughter has driven her mother to Klana Jaya and dropped her at the street.

Watching the statement given the poor mother is so painful. The video made me into tears nonstop for 15 minutes. Imagine the pain one had to go through to be abandoned by own daughter. I just couldn’t take it.

If you can’t afford to take care of them, please do not abandon them into the street. Send them to foster home. For God sake, she has raised you.

How can you even think of doing such an evil thing to them? This is insane.

All the innocent babies and elder people are deserve a better life than this.

The world is getting sickening; the humans are going crazy. Animals are better than them and it so obvious.

I wish my mother many more happy years she deserved. Thank you GOD.

tatta, (bubbye)


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The Lonely Road (The Mom & Her Daughter)

(As it is) First time in #chitrapournami
Because I have promised to myself that I wanna bring my mom this time. So, I drove all the way to Batu Gajah and then drove again to #TelukIntan at evening. The only nearest way to get to Teluk Intan from my hometown is by going through the village “kampung” area. So, I have decided to find an alternative road on my way back. I moved around 2100 and somehow ended up at lonely isolated road leading to a dark jungle with total blackout vision with no lights. I looked at my waze, it shows another 21KM to reach my well known town Tanjung Tualang. But, the curves! That’s ok, I can managed this, said my mind. I looked at my watch, it’s 2230. I’m tired, I wants to go home. Shortcut its better. I said to myself. Suddenly, there is sound from my backseat…

Guess what, it’s my mom. Obviously, only two of us are in the car. She is so scared, shivering and almost screaming loud. She said ” P (my nick name) don’t take this road. This is not the right road. This is too dark. Probably, there’ll be many ghost here”. I hit the break & was like “WHAT”??

So, this is all about ghost and nothing else? Mom, you should be kidding me. Then, she goes like “P, please, please dont take this road”.

Ok, fine. I quickly make the U turn. Otherwise, my mom probably would have ended up with panic attack. I drove back. After a while, she said “P, please play some devotional song”. This time I scolded her. “Mom, can you stop your nonsense? Why I should be playing devotional song when I’m not scared. Btw, I don’t scared of ghost but humans. Humans can do worst things then ghost. I made that U turn because properly there would be some drug addicts or snatch thief or rapists waiting for victims. Not ghost. So, stop it”.

The next few minutes, we were in silent.

Then, I heard her deep breath, feeling relieved after seeing cars and lights hitting main road.

I smiled, my mom she is a legend.

tatta, (bubbye)


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[#tamakaTravelLogue] #RoadTrip 2018 #SimpangPertang #NegeriSembilan #Malaysia

Date: 01 Jan 2018                    Days: 2 Days One Night

It’s been a yearly routine for me to go on road trip on every New Year. So, far I have done it for pass three years. Hopefully, I can keep up to this annual routine.

This year I didn’t plan anything in advance until the last day of 2017. **Mind voice: it’s been like that every year. Initially, I planned to go to hometown but changed my mind. I knew I wanted to go to somewhere but I couldn’t fix any destination. Suddenly, the idea bulb popped out. Why don’t I visit my childhood places where I have been raised? It’s always been my lifetime goal and why don’t I take this as an opportunity? I had Renjok, Pahang & Simpang Pertang, Negeri Sembilan in my mind but I still couldn’t take that first step because the unknown fear of travelling alone conquered me.


Finally, I made myself brave and picked #SimpangPertang. I left this place when I was 11 years old. I only stayed here for about two years yet the memories are so fresh in my mind. I witnessed some of my life’s best and worse here.

I learnt my cycling, fishing, cadet, bird feeding, rubber tapping, hardworking, braveness, kindness, jealousy, revenge, harassment, poverty, family conflicts & etc etc… all here.

Looking back, how years had passed and some of the things remains unchanged especially, the trees, roads, houses, buildings. I literally couldn’t believe that I’m walking the same road after decades. It’s a strange feeling.

I wonder why I took decades to visit this place when it’s just an hour and half from #KLCity? Well, I can only laugh at my stupidity.


I found a small hotel (Simpang Pertang INN) within the town. I braved myself to book a room with an attached bathroom that cost RM80 p/night. A room with sharing bathroom is only cost RM60. It’s a big room that can easily accommodate 4 people. Two big balconies are a plus. You are also allowed to use the big hall (downstairs) and hotel’s facilities for free. It is built in an isolated residential area surrounded with nature with quite environment. If you are looking for a calm and slow kind of lifestyle environment to relieve your city life stress, this is the best with rating 4/5.

Luckily, they were having a eve celebration for the New Year organized by #BarisanNational (BN). So, I had an opportunity to witness their firework which is lasted more than 5 minutes and I’m impressed.

I visited my (used to stay) house, walked the roads, rounded the residential area, greeted the trees and chatted with few uncles and aunties. They laughed at me for visiting the place after so many years yet praised my braveness to do so.


The next morning, I walked the small Chinese town called #LadangPertang which I used to cross by to go a felda for a rubber tapper plantation when I was 11 years old. I also studied at the school located inside an estate named #SRJK(T)LadangPertang. I couldn’t find that felda & school tho.

I instantly fall in love with this small #LadangPertang town . This is my kind of place which interprets how a real life should be. A perfect place to retire. Rubber tapping and cultivation are still the main source of their income. #Durians are mainly cultivated here and transported to #Segamat (JB).  So, if you are buying Durians at Segamat, it’s mostly cultivated here. If you are asking, of course I tasted the fresh Durian on early morning and its super delicious.


After hours of rounding, I kissed good bye and left the place with big heart. My heart says “I should come back”. & I WILL.

2018-01-19 02652174429..jpg
The Big Hall
2018-01-19 021610833817..jpg
The Hotel Room
2018-01-19 021037761883..jpg
The Queen size bed
2018-01-19 02884709145..jpg
The of the fruit shop from the many unaccountable
2018-01-19 02135450820..jpg
Taman Simpang Pertang, right under the big mountain
2018-01-19 021192000825..jpg
The trees where I used to take school bus
2018-01-06 10873013555..jpg
The shortcut hallway I used to take to another “Taman”
2018-01-19 021408822009..jpg
Ladang Pertang Town
2018-01-19 021142075456..jpg
Ladang Pertang village
2018-01-01 07567845457..jpg
The Wild Cactus
2018-01-19 021345269951..jpg
The backyard of the Village
2018-01-19 021953527755..jpg
The Wild Cactus just by Roadside which almost blocked the school signboard
2018-01-19 021302899120..jpg
The Creative Cultivation by Villagers at the their Frontyard
2018-01-19 02653337091..jpg
The Cultivation
2018-01-19 021135589590..jpg
The Tapping

tatta, (bubbye)


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[#tamakaTravelLogue] #TaipingLakeGarden #Kamunting #Perak

Date: 4 June 2017             Days: 1 days

I heard a lot of about Taiping Lake Gardens. So, this time I decided to pay a visit.

This is the first public garden established during the British rule in Malaysia on 1880 by Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker.  Later, a tin mine ground was donated by Chung Thye Phin which were planted with grasses, flowers, and trees to turned into green on 1884. . I’m truly amazed with the trees here; they can be easily 100 years old. I’m glad this located in Perak.

I have no regret, a day well spent. I wish I can own a house here to spend the rest of my life.

tatta, (bubbye)




[#tamakaTravelLogue] A day in Kuala Kubu Bahru #Selangor

Date: 1 January 2017 Days: 2 days

This is my second year of lonely short road trip I did on New Year. This time I picked Kuala Kubu Bahru located at outskirt of Selangor. I always fascinated by this small town that carries a lot of unique things on its own.

This calm village style place is famous for its people, food, dam, river, waterfall, water sports and for its greenery. This is definitely a perfect place for a road trip. I wish I would have had a buddy to boost the energy of this road trip.

Yet, I would say I had enjoyed this road trip to the max. I met two strangers whom on their 50’s and followed them to their relative’s house. This was the highlight of the trip where I’m not sure of what I was doing but I had my most memorable moments at this stranger’s house. We stuck here for an hour due to heavy rain. But it was a perfect timing to enjoy the environment.

I hope I can continue my road trip adventure on every New Year.

Here are some of the snaps that I took along this road trip.


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What Will Happen When You Break Your Comfort Zone

The friends I made for years  (This is just a part of them)
The screen and keyboard which will no longer will be mine

Comfort zone gives you stress free life and security; but would it give you the career growth which you needed the most? It is seems like every one of us know the answer for this question but we are not dare enough to say it.

It took eight years for me to be daring enough to answer the question and move on.

I worked in the same company for eight years which made me who I am today. It gave me the real working life exposure. For past six years, I work hard to break my comfort zone. Somehow, it is didn’t seems to be easy. It is hard decision especially when you have been respected for your performance and you are well versed with day-to-day operation.

Finally, I got the calling on last year December when I was head-hunted by my ex-boss.  (P.S It is always good to perform your best at all time. You will never know when you will be paid for it)

My first day is filled with warm welcome. I had my own buddy and luncheon was pre-planned for the first five days.  Thanks to my boss for being so concern about me. My buddy toured me from department-to-department. He was introducing me to important people in the company  but all I can saw are walls, rooms, doors, cupboards, papers, elevators, money plants and an aquariums. Two important words popped into my mind “phobia” and “allergic”. I’m phobia of walls and allergic of papers. How am I going to survive here?

I felt like I have been set into a prison, isolated into a room that surrounded by walls. I felt so lonely with no connection. I kept complaining. Thank God, my colleague entertained me.

The second week, I got to know of office politics, my roles and responsibilities and the challenges of my role. My boss has high expectation on me. I have been put into situation where I can’t say no and required to proof my capability. I need to learn a lot, learn it fast. I never thought I need more skill then I thought to excel in this job. My boss has high trust one me. It’s pressuring me to be better. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I definitely need to proof myself.

Somehow I survived unto second week. This time I got to know of my roles and responsibilities. It is seems like I need to unlearn everything I knew and pick new challenging tasks. My boss set high expectation on me. I have been forced to proof my capability. I list down all required skills for me to be successor in my new role. Trust me, it is a long list. (Jaw dropped) This is going to be a real challenge.

Time flies, It is my third week here. The walls and papers are no longer bothering me. I’m excited with the unlimited access of amazing facilities provided by their social club. With only MYR6, I can have access to their well equipped gymnasium, dance floor, snooker pool, playroom, jamming lounge yoga and zumba classes. The best part is they owned an exhibition hall, art library and restaurant.  The Chairman is diehard a fan of Chinese art and Japanese food. So, he had his own art centre and Japanese restaurant named “Xenri” and “LePont” with 25% and 10% discount given to staffs respectively.

So the next time you want to meet me, well, you know where to find me. (BIG smile)

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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It’s All Worth “Pone”

sdrIt’s my last day. My eight years journey has ended officially. My second home is no longer belongs to me.

That is how I felt on my last day at my ex- company on 8th of February 2017. The company have guided and protected me for past eight years. It always takes side with me when I go through the worse part of my life. It had seen my laugh, argument, shout, cry and the worse of me. It protected me at all times and refused to let go of me. It taught me to be brave and courage. It showed me an angle I can cling into to grow my career. Who I am today, it’s all because of it too.

I can’t imagine how I would have end up in my life, if she have let go of my hand on my stuff times. I can’t thank you enough Pone.

I would say I had been over appreciated on my last day. I’m happy; I managed to found few close friends that I can always count on. Well, finally, I found partners to hang-around. This two places (SunRaj & Nasi Lemak Bumbung) officially been called as our spot now. Hooray!!!!

Ok, on my last day, this lady told me that she wanted to be like me one day. Oh, these words made my day.  This one statement made me to believe that I have performed well and had inspired someone. To get to know that I have inspired someone is a wonderful feeling. To set an example to someone is not easy. To get to know that I have been one is amazing. Happy face J

Frankly, I have no heart to left the team. These guys are so inspiring. Each one of them inspired me in some way. I’m gonna miss them badly.

They held a farewell on my last day.  They asked me to give a speech and made me cry. Ouch, they witnessed the soft site of me. They have seen me in tears now. The best part is how they prescribed me. What !!!  I’m in shock!!!

They classified me as:

“garang”- fierce, rowdy, rough, scary & Durian.

Yes, you heard it right. Durian stands for ‘hard outside, soft inside’.

I was like “WHAT”!!!, when did I portrayed or act like that?” these kids must be kidding me. Lol. I know you guys are just joking… rofl. I know you all like me. If not, why I got all this present for?

These are the best gifts ever.

PIANO –My heart jumped out when I saw it on my table on early morning.

Water Resistant Pens – Its water resistant, needed the most

Faber Castle 8 PITT Artist Pens – This is damn invaluable.

Bluetooth Earphone – Damn I hate wires.

Expensive chocolates – How do you guys know I love Ferraro Roche, lucky me.

Thank you so much for the gifts guys.

Oh ya, I wore my favourite turtle neck Pone shirt on my last day. “In” as Pone, “left” as Pone.

Thank you Pone.

tatta, (bubbye)