Everyone Is Responsible of Their Own Action

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It’s been while since I last posted. This could be a delayed post but important to say it out loud.

Commenting on the last hype of blaming game over #MacMiller death is sickening.

Everyone is responsible of their own life. The result of life is the consequences of their own thoughts an acts. When something goes wrong; stand up and take the blame. Accusing or holding someone for it so not right.

This is nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend #AriadeGrande. She is working hard to fix her own life and leave her alone. I have wrote about past love here if you want to read. You wouldn’t know how she’ll be feeling right now. Losing someone she loved whole-hearted for past two years and carrying the baseless blame is huge to carry on.

I know it’s hard to keep the emotional stability especially when you are going through the hard time like breakups. The truth is this became even harder with people like you who sits at your comfortable coach and play the blaming game wherein you have no clue about the real shit.

All that aside, 26 is way young age to go too soon. May his soul rest in peace.

RIP #MacMiller

tatta, (bubbye)


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Believe in Karma; it’s real and it’s fast.

It’s eleven passed half. My boss is buzzing me for lunch being restless to get out from the office. Ok fine. I quickly wrapped whatever I was doing and grabbed the wallet and walked away with her.

We were having mix rice at nearby Chinese mix rice shop. Generally, I’ll do the listening and she’ll do the talking as she loves to talk. Usually, we will talk about office chaos, her travelling experience or personal opinions on certain matters. This time, she was telling some stories and it makes me happy.

Yeah, it’s Karma. Yes. I’m a strong believer in karma. It could be because I have this Buddhism believe in me.

Ok, the story starts like this…

Two weeks ago, I was devastated with an attitude of my working colleagues. I wonder how much of ill intention a person can carry with them by hiding behind the bright smile on their face. I have heard of this hell working world. Facing it for the real time is really challenging me.

This world is completely new to me. It left me speechless when I saw how badly a person can behave to another. I bet I have yet to see the real hell world. Guess what, this tip of the ice berg is enough to bring me pain. As much as I wanted to believe in humanity, it also left me with many questions.

With all those pain, I kept quite seeking justice deep inside my heart. Least I know that the justice will serve in weeks, two weeks to be exact.

I got to know the two people who had made the pain to me are going through personal challenges in their life. When I heard it, I smiled deep inside my heart, not because I’m happy with what they are going through but because justice is served in timely manner.

I’m truly feeling empathy for what they are going through but I’m glad that karma is exits.

Believe in Karma; it’s real and it’s fast.

tatta, (bubbye)


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#SriDevi : Respect and Remember for her Hard work

We love to talk. In fact, we love to talk a lot. That’s exactly what we had done for #SriDevi the Indian actress who had passed away recently.

We want to believe anything and everything people say when it attracted us the most.

First day reports said she died due to cardiac arrest. We get shocked and believed it.

Then, a doctor out of nowhere claimed the cardiac arrest was as a result of side effect since she was consuming bills to stay slim. We blamed the husband for not stopping her. We blamed the fashion designers who have business interest through her beauty and figure. This time we cared. We cared about our fellow colleagues’ health. So, we forwarded the message in all social media platforms we have registered without even to validate the source of the info. Because, we care. We care too much.

Then, police said according to her post mortem reports, she died out of accidental drowning after losing consciousness for consuming alcohol. This time we laughed at her dead body concluding this as her stupidity. We laughed because it’s shameful and funny for a woman to get drunk and drown. This time, we get excited. We get excited to quickly share the news at the same social media platforms all over the net to share the laugh with same minded people.

We want to tell the whole world that she didn’t die out of cardiac arrest or the side effect of slimming pills but got drunk and drowned. (ha..ha..ha..)

We care less on her family’s feelings. We bother nothing of her years of hard work which she has built since she was 4 years old. We care, this time we care only about us. We get excited. We get excited to talk and gossip about her.

Frankly, aren’t you shame of yourselves?

Aren’t you got drunk before? Or lost stability out of alcohol before?

So, stop it. Seriously, stop it.

Even, if she would have died due to accidental drowning, who are you to laugh about it? If your own mother died the same way, you wouldn’t want the whole world to talk and laugh about it. So, leave her alone.

Respect and remember her for her work. Remember her for who she was. You and I can’t beat her dedication at any point of time. If you are not happy with it, leave her alone.

Now, new conspiracy has occurred. What was concluded as closed become a mystery? This is to be continued. The truth is, probably #Sridevi itself wouldn’t know how she had died.

By the way, life is all about living every second. The next second is not yours and it’s not guaranteed for sure.

Her Last Retweet
Her Last Tweet

It #Jhanvi’s birthday on 6th March 2017. She and her father #BoneyKapoor have released official tributes to #Sridevi on tweeter accounts.

Her ashes is reportedly to be immersed in #Rameshwaram . May her soul rest in peace.

A respect for all the hard work, dedication and talent she has shown us. Glad, #Oscar2018 had honoured her.

tatta, (bubbye)


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#BreakingNews Actress #Sridevi Passed Away. What a cruel life?

I do not want to post this. But, I wanted to remember this bad day 25.2.2018 in my life.

You will never wanted to have a heart breaking news like this on early morning.

I woke up early usual than before. It’s just 0530 and strangely, I couldn’t sleep anymore. Did this strange happens because there will be a heartbreaking bad news on early morning? I don’t know how many journalists’ and editors’ sleep would have disturbed today. They are probably working on the news by now.

Life is so cruel. She has retweeted a post yesterday and today she is no more. Had to believe. Looking back on her work, she is a legendary queen. All those hard works, years of efforts and the empire of her name crashed just within a seconds?. And, it has to happen when her daughter is not within by her side?

Oh God, what you are trying to say? The reality is hitting me hard. Showing how cruel a life can be. It’s scares me out of ****

Dying is not hard. But, living thinking you’ll die one day and it could be anytime is the most scariest thing in life.

Life is not gift; living is.

Strive for excellency on every breath; not every day because you’ll will never know when your breath gonna stop before your day ends.

I can never forget you maam. Premature dead is not sad but sickening. Because of you, I hates the words called “cardiac arrest”

It just too cruel. Rest In Peace maam. Love you always. Love for #Sridevi forever and ever.


#Trees Are Our #Ancestors. Learn To #Respect Them


Every creature of the nature is deserved to be respected. So do the trees.

Don’t you think they are lived decades compared to us?

They have seen more than us. They have witness our histories. They have witness our daily life. They have witnessed our happiness, sadness, celebration, fights, loneliness and etc, etc, etc…

Aren’t they having the rights to live longer to tell the stories to our grandchildren? You bet.

Every tree is deserved to be protected and cherished with utmost respect.  They are our ancestors. Treat them well. Give them the respect and protection they deserve. They are giving you the oxygen to be alive for god sake.

It is so heartbreaking to see them being chopped unnecessarily in the name of development.

One tree; one house. Let’s seed our soul in them. Let’s protect them.

I think, “WE” the new generation are losing valuable things in the name of the technology and development. AND, it sad.


tatta, (bubbye)


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The Strange Act – The Girl – The Reality Behind The Scene

[This is a delayed post that worth telling]

It’s was a great Saturday morning. It was my first weekend for 2018.

I have decided to go to the nursery located at the end of the housing area at PJ #Oldtown. Then, I saw this new restaurant called “Nasi Kandar Kari Kepala Ikan” right opposite the nursery. Since, I’m feeling so thirsty, I have decided to have “tea o ice” before heading to my office to do some printing works.

So, here I am having my drink and getting entertained by Insta stories. Then, I saw this malay girls; one without scarf (Girl A) and the other one is with scarf (Girl B) sitting at the right-hand side of my table having their nasi kandar.

Somehow, I felt strange about this Girl A. While she is enjoying her meal; the strain of the curry powder was all over her mouth and she doesn’t seem to be bothered. It’s kind of weird behaviour for a cute pretty bubbly girl like her. Then, my curiosity kicks in and I have started to observe her.

She is wearing a simple but not so clean t-shirt with deep ocean blue straight cut jeans. Her bun looks little messy and not tied properly. She carries that “just woke up” look. And of course, she doesn’t seem to be bothered.

While observing her, an Indian man whom sits beside her table was offering a drink to her and she refused to it with no eye contact. Then, she stand up and did little talking to a Malay guy whom shared the same table with the Indian man.

I thought the men were strangers to the girls. There were no communications or body language between them. Again, strange.

Back to the story, there were not much conversation is happening between the girls and the men.

My instinct kicks in. I couldn’t clearly tell what it was. But, I knew something strange is happening.

They were walking to their car. Now, I can guess it clearly. The girls are properly come from Malay village and they could be between 15-16 years old. These are young teenage girls.

While walking, the girls are whispering to each other. The Girl A showed her fear and helpless face to the other. Her wrinkles said that she is fear of something (the unknown).

On the other hand, the men are seen happy. They had their hand on each others’ shoulder.

Here I am still observing …..

It’s a taxi. They are getting into a taxi. While the Malay man and Girl B taking the back seat, the Indian man and Girl A taking the front seat. *Strange

Before I can digest the happening, they have fled the scene. One thing is sure; my instinct is telling there is something not right here. The innocent Girl A could be a victim; being traded for a service.

But, it’s too late to react. I could have done something, at least should have jotted the plate number. I’m feeling guilty for the whole day.

Life is so unfair to some. I hope, I was wrong about the whole scene.

Dear GOD, please give back her teenage life.

tatta, (bubbye)


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Mental Illness Is the Worst

Kim jong

By now, the world knows the suicidal of #SouthKorean #KPop star #KimJongHyun at the peak of his career. Remember, he did it when he has everything he wished for. I couldn’t blame him for his action.

As I used to tell my friends that none of us would know the deep of the pain regardless how big or small it is unless we experience it. So stop talking about someone as you are know them.

We can sit and blabbering thousand and one perspective about someone’s life; only because we are not on their shoes.

Depression and loneliness is the silent killer which don’t cost you a single organ but your entire life. It is worst than physical illness. Sadness, graveness, frustration, rage, anxious or even irritation is sickening. Trust me, they take full control of your soul and gives you a blunt boldness to act out of your mind.

It defeats everyone in despite of age, gender, education, financial status, public status or anything you could possibly classify.

I can surely say that all of us have experienced it at some point of time in our life.

Everyone have to pay the price for who we have become. Today, we (the common people) have the luxury of freedom to give up and the comfort of time to cry for hours. No one is cares to bother about us.

But this man (#KimJongHyun) is not given an option to give up, enough time to cry. The public and haters who are care way too much about his private and personal life.

He had his hard time and none of us could understand it.

So let’s stop playing this blaming game and offer a helping hand.

As you grow older, experience the bad side of the life, getting to the lowest point of your life and question your existence, it gets intense to carry the burden way too much and way too long. The freedom demands your life and you are forced to take that bold act to pay the price.

Bravo Brother! May your soul rest in peace.

We see you when we see you.

tatta, (bubbye)


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