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[01] How to Create a Creative #Instagram Content

On this series I’m gonna focus into sharing inspired creative ideas that I found on Instagram will it be an account, story creation, highlight template, feed ideas or simply a creative post. This first series is focusing on #InstagramHighlight. Look at these gorgeous highlights. Mind-blowing.                   tatta,… Continue reading [01] How to Create a Creative #Instagram Content


An Arts of Asking Help

Do you know asking for help is an art? If you did it correctly, it may have ended up benefiting you in long terms. Therefore, taking the time to learn how to ask for help is all worthy. 5 things to do when you want to get help. "Before that here you go a post… Continue reading An Arts of Asking Help

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[#Tips] How to use #Hastag for #Dummies

Even though, #Hashtag already become a common feature in social medias; I believe some are still do not know how to use it properly; or the purpose of #Hashtag feature. I do not blame you. Perhaps, the innovation of technology is too fast and you are too busy to explore it. So, this is for… Continue reading [#Tips] How to use #Hastag for #Dummies

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[#BeautyTips] #Homemade #FacialMask

The ingredients are simple: Turmeric powder 1tbspn Cooling powder 1tbspn Honey or Coconut Oil (optional) 1tbspn Turmeric Powder Turmeric powder is high in antioxidants that slow down the cell damage. It helps to reduce the inflammation and pigmentation and even out the skin tone. I’m using pure turmeric powder imported from India. This is easily… Continue reading [#BeautyTips] #Homemade #FacialMask

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[#BeautyTips] #Herbal and #Homemade #Remedies. Starting A New Series

I have been frequently asked what I have been using for my skin. Frankly speaking, I’m not a fan of expensive cosmetic nor do I do heavy makeup. I always wanted to look like who I am. I strongly believe heavy makeup is changing you to become someone else.Basic necessary like compact powder, blusher, eye… Continue reading [#BeautyTips] #Herbal and #Homemade #Remedies. Starting A New Series

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[My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try

I have been installing and uninstalling many applications (Apps) to find the best among the best. I have almost tested 80% of suggested Apps in blogs and write ups. I never had a clean simple flip page. My phone always flooded with all kind of Apps. At times, my friend goes crazy with my phone… Continue reading [My Favourite] Part I: The 5 Best Free Android Apps You Should Try