15 Years of #Tsunami 26 December 2004

2019-12-25 06224473270..jpg

Can you even forget this date? Every year while we are getting ready to celebrate the most celebrated festival in the world “#Christmas”. I must say that one should also get ready to pray for the thousands of lost lives on this day.

The utmost sadness that shaken the world like never before. The Christmas celebration is never the same after 26 December 2004. While some of us have learned to move forward, some are still stuck on this date for life.

We have witnessed the disastrous disaster vs pure magical happens with no clear reason explained on this unforgettable day. Life is can be unimaginative magical or unexplainable sorrows.

Years can pass by but never this day without the prayer for the loss of lives or to the one that struggles to survive. May all the lost souls of this day have gotten their peace. May God give peace to the one who is still struggling to overcome.

My prayers.

15 years and counting . . .

tatta, (bubbye)


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