Dont Judge The Book by Its Cover

They said “Dont judge the book by its cover”. I have heard this quote million times. Today i got the chance to feel the true meaning of it.
She has an average look. Someone who is very passionate on the things she is doing.  She takes full ownership of her duty. She takes pride for every single thing she does. She doesn’t hold back her knowledge. She is a survivor. At times, she is uncontrollable and over emotional.

Yet, you’ll underestimate her for her look, age, grammar errors, and incompetency. At certain times, for her not perfectly blended eye shadow.  Silly right.. Yes  i know. She is not a degree holder and may look unknowledgeable but she is a senior for your age.  While you are trying hard to listen and observe to learn more about her, you have discovered the weakness of your own self.  How, astonishing this incident is. How could you end up getting to know about yourself when you whole objective is to know about her? I’m speechless.

On this fine day, i learnt what is more important is not hitting the target but what you have learned in the process of getting it.

All this while, i was only focusing on her flaws assuming she is not worth for fighting.  But this woman gave me a clear signal telling who she is. I’m amazed.

I got to know how brave she is. How hard working she was once and now. The hurdles and struggles she has gone through to be at the top. The bravery act she had done to safe hundreds of life.

I salute her braveness. I bow to her dedication and commitment.  I learnt about myself.

Never once, underestimate someone. Don’t judge the book by its cover.

Tatta, (Bubbye)


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