I Have Been Good Enough to People to Judge Me Correctly

collage 2019-03-08 23_38_36409597867..jpgAgain, its March 8. It’s never been Woman’s Day for me. This date is always dedicated to MH370. I couldn’t forget this date. Please be in my memory as fresh as 2014. It’s been five years already.  I hope all those lost souls are resting somewhere peacefully right now. If anyone of you here who do not know what is #MH370, just google it, will do.  

Ok, put that aside, this year I have chosen to talk about something that interested me recently.

All this while, I guess I have been good enough to people to judge me correctly.

But the reality is you can never be good enough for someone. Yes! You can never be good enough for everyone. It’s better to be bad and earn well deserved bad name rather than trying hard to be a good person on everyone’s perspective.

Never try to please anyone.

I decided to let go who I have become all these years. I have enough been who I am and who I always wanted to be. This year I made that decision to scratch who I am and try the opposite side of who I don’t want to be.

I have been concisely being bad and painting darkness on myself with no feeling or regret attached to it.

I am fully aware of what I am doing and why am I doing it.  In fact, I have never thought this can bring happiness because you literally care nothing about anyone and anything.

No emotional, no worries, no burden.

Bad means bad. Why should I worry about? It’s as simple as like that. It’s my choice, my decision, my way. Why should I care?  

tatta, (bubbye)


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