Happy #MothersDay 2019

Guess its never to wish all the mothers out there!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.  “Mother” is the only person I have the utmost respect in this world even though I’m scared shit of her.

I’m not raised by a man but a lady, a woman who is a mother. She did not raise one by five and care wholeheartedly for another two because she didn’t get the chance to raise them. But, I have seen how she has blamed herself for the life incidents that she has totally no control. If she wouldn’t have given the chance to raise that two, I’m sure she would have done her best to bring them up too.

My Mother, I’m proud of her.

“You can read my other mothers day post here. I have also talked about my mother in a few instances here/here

I couldn’t explain in word on the scarification of a mother. Hence, I’m this video to reflect my words to replicate their scarification. My mother, she is not an inch less than this deer. Again, my Mother, I’m proud of her.


It’s so painful to watch this video. It moved me so much. I hope it will do the same for you. The mother deer never took a second to make that move.

To the opposite of this, I come across a video posted on Facebook where a mother is abandoned by her own daughter at the street. The daughter drove the mother to Kelana Jaya and dropped her at the street.

Watching the poor mother explaining what had happened to her made me tear nonstop for 15 minutes. I couldn’t take the pain. Imagine the pain she would have gone through thinking back that she had been abandoned by own daughter.

If you couldn’t afford to take care of the one who cared for you all this while, send them to a foster home. For God sake, please do not abandon them into the street. It is so heart wrenching even to think as such. How could you even do that?

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Elderly people and innocent babies deserve a better life. They have to be protected and celebrated.

The world is getting sick; the humans are going crazy. It is time for us to learn from animals. Obviously, we are getting worse and there are getting better in humanity.

tatta, (bubbye)


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