How to Celebrate Father’s day 2022

I drafted this father’s day appreciation post in 2020. It was sitting on my pending draft for the past two years, waiting to be published. Last year, my father asked why we didn’t celebrate father’s day. This year, we do not have him to celebrate the day even if we wanted to.

I dedicate this year’s father’s day to every daughter/son that lost their father to covid or whatever reason. I pledge everyone to celebrate the day while you are still entitled to it.

Here goes the post I drafted two years ago. FINALLY, “published“.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, father means,
father noun
fa·ther | \ ˈfä-t͟hər \
plural fathers
Definition of a father (Entry 1 of 2)
1a(1): a male parent
(2): a man who has begotten a child
also: a male animal who has sired an offspring

In 1: it portrays a relationship between a man with a woman and a child
In 2: it reflects the connection between a man to a child.

A father holding his baby's tiny fingers on father's day 2022

Being a father comes with a huge responsibility. One cannot simply be a father to someone just by being a male parent. His surname will not qualify him as a father. The responsibility to his family will determine it.

I have seen a father who has no string of responsibilities to their children. On the opposite, I have seen a step-father who has no blood connection do everything he can for the well-being baby. I have witnessed an uncle who took so much care of his relative kids.

All fathers in this world are celebrated today. Not because they have fathered a baby but because they have never ignored their duty and responsibility. A Father’s day never got the attention it deserves as much as Mother’s day. Fathers have equally sacrificed themselves to fulfill family needs. We all agree that being a breadwinner is not easy. Neither is the sole breadwinner of the family.

You hardly see them at home.

You rarely see them taking their much-needed serene sleep.

They have been in their driver’s seat for almost half of their life.

A father is always the king in a daughter’s heart.

A father is the most respected man to his son.

A father has been the man of her life for a wife.

A father is a man of the family for society.

I wish a happy father’s day to every single man who has second-married to their responsibility.

tatta, (bubbye)



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One response to “How to Celebrate Father’s day 2022”

  1. Pooja G Avatar

    All fathers should be celebrated whether biological or not. Wonderful post.


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